HR Services

Employees are the face of an organization, enabling it to soar high or fall. You need the best, and Prominent Consultant provides it for you! We understand your needs and requirements and provide you with exactly that.

Over the years, we have successfully been making available efficient workforce solutions for small, medium or large enterprises, enabling us to understand better the functioning of different fields and sectors. We offer fresh talent and experienced professionals, according to your business needs. Join us in Vadodara, Gujarat, for a firm that works in your best interest to provide you with your dream job or the appropriate candidate!

Career transition Services

We understand the challenges of optimizing the workforce and we offer our clients a comprehensive Career Transition Service (Outplacement). From planning the optimization to designing an outplacement strategy, we guide and support our clients at every step. Our professional and completely tailored Career Transition Service aims to provide complete support to the employees (who are exiting the organization) at various levels. The program is customized to the needs of the individual and assisted by a dedicated career coach.


Help exiting employees deal effectively with the anxiety and fear many experience in accepting the news or in making the transition to a new career. We help candidates to transform their career by providing services of career coaches. They are professionals who are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to deal effectively with the sometimes emotional reactions of exiting employees.

Career Competency Mapping / Talent Mapping

We are not only serving as placement consultants but also specialized in Competency Mapping Services. On an organization’s behalf, we assess the key competencies that are involved in different process viz., job evaluation, training, recruitment etc. We emphasize in on defining competency as a behavior that is inclusive of communication & leadership.

Benefits :

It increase employee’s self-awareness and aid in career management, identifies new leaders and support organizations in succession planning, helps in making promotion and internal mobility decisions more accurate ,helps in performance management of employees, individual departments and overall organization, provides scope for designing goal-directed training interventions.

Payroll Management

Payroll is the most daunting task of Human Resource department, which needs accuracy and must meet the deadline. Employee satisfaction somewhat depends on the payroll management services, they won’t tolerate the errors in payroll. We came up with the payroll solutions for any company looking for payroll outsourcing services.


This benefits in bringing down clients processing costs, decreased IT Infrastructure investment, consolidated, error-free reports, and documents with business intelligence, lower risk concerned with compliance and penalties, speedy resolution of employee queries, better resource deployment, maintain your complete employee payroll life cycle, from the joining to relieving.

Human Resource Audit

Because of the multitude of laws affecting each stage of the employment process, it is extremely important for an employer to regularly conduct an HR analysis of their policies and practices. This helps to identify regulatory compliance issues if they exist and avoids potentially costly fines and/or lawsuits, if otherwise ignored. Perhaps most important, it finds problems and ensures compliance with a variety of laws and strategic plans in an organization

Benefits :

An audit reminds member of HR department and others its contribution, creating a more professional image of the department among manager and specialist. The audit helps clarify the department’s role and leads to greater uniformity, especially in the geographically scattered and decentralized HR function of large organizations.

Independent Reference Check

Reference checks allow a recruiter to get independent insight about a candidate’s previous on-the-job performance. It verifies the information provided by the candidate on their resume and during the interview the only thing a reference check costs is a little time and effort, and it can save you from huge ramifications further down the line, so there’s no reason to let the process fall through the cracks.

Benefits :

Tenure of acquaintance with the candidate performance, behavior, integrity & honesty, communications, personality, leadership skills, eligibility of hiring are few benefits of reference check

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